Software Asset Management

IT Asset Management

Service Desk


Windows – 10, 8, 7 and XP SP3
Apple – Mac OS Mountain Lion (10.8.5) and above

Why use is a simple but advanced IT & Software Asset Management and Service desk platform helping you save money through knowing what you have and saving on what you need to buy!

Our Key Features

Stop Wasting Money!

By knowing what IT & Software assets you have and who is using them, Active Our Customers! ANY save money by not over buying or loosing Assets.

Simple Website Management

A Simple yet powerful website allows you to see all your computer information where every you are.

Real-Time Alerts by Email or Push notifications

If the Active Anti-Virus stops, your Windows needs updates, or ANY software is installed you will be alerted immediately.

We Empower you to take control of your IT & Software Assets and let you know if anything changes!

It ensures you a total peace of mind knowing that you will be alerted when anything happens in your company. It empowers you as you will know what is happening in a simple and easy way.

Simple yet Powerful!

Easy To Install & Use

No technical expertise required. is user-friendly with a simple and comprehensive interface. No manual required!

Real-Time Tracking records activities from your computer in real time. Get alerted as soon as anything is installed or removed from your computer.

Remote Support

You know now what has been installed or removed from a computer, all the details of the computer. This makes supporting anyone who needs assistance much easier.

Location Tracking

You can enable location tracking to monitor and track your where your computer is!  for supported computers.

It only takes a few minutes to get

your Company saving money and organised!.