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Andrew Diamond

Andrew Diamond


Every visionary company needs a mad professor and IsItUp Founder, Andrew Diamond, is ours. Andrew has been striving since 2014 to realise his vision of a world where every SME, regardless of size, industry or location, can be freed from the tyranny of bad IT asset management.

At first glance he is just a man in a very bad jacket, but he is, in fact, a highly motivated and experienced IT entrepreneur.  He has launched several successful start-ups and has 20 years’ experience of using technology to solve business problems.

After seeing people weep over terrible spreadsheets, hearing spine-chilling accounts of the horrors faced by companies hit by Ransomeware, viruses or illegal software when the CEO had no idea what was happening.
Andrew decided enough was enough and set his faithful IsItUp minions the task of bringing order to the chaos.

But are we resting on our laurels? Not a chance!

We won’t rest until you can.