Asset Management

Real time cloud-based asset management tool for businesses, from purchase to disposal of assets

IsItUp’s cloud asset management tool helps your business work smarter and more accurately.

Why asset management is important for you?

All organizations own assets, whether in solid, fixed and liquid form.   They need to maintain these assets to gain more control ovber their resources and greater ROI.   Other benefits include greater accuracy, flexibility, accountability and productivity. This is why asset management is one of the most important operations in workplaces.

Asset management is not just about documenting the numbers, location and users of assets. Instead, it is an important enterprise task that facilitates departments relating to infrastructure management and the security of your organization. In fact, successful asset management can save you time, money and lot of management hassles. Besides,  regulations and a necessity of transparency have made it more important for organizations to manage their assets from acquisition through retirement.


How IsItUp helps manage your assets

IsItUp helps you manage your assets throughout their lifecycle, from purchase, to retirement. It delivers a configurable, integrated and scalable solution that can be utilized to support an existing system or as a standalone and complete solution for managing assets.