How to Add/Edit Asset Sub-Types?

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To add/edit Asset Sub-Types, follow the steps given below.
1. Navigate to Setup > Sub-Types.

The Asset Sub-Types page will be displayed.

2. Click the Add New Sub-Type button in the top right corner of the page.
New Asset Sub-Type page will be displayed.

3. Select the category of the asset sub-type from the Category dropdown list.
4. Enter the name for the asset sub-type in the Type name text entry box.
5. Click () button.
Note: when you click on new asset sub-type button additional fields will be displayed.
6. Select the show number of the asset sub-type from the Show dropdown list.
7. Enter the sub type name in the Sub-Type Name text entry box.
8. Enter the description for asset sub type in the Description text entry box.
9. Click Save.
Your asset type will be created successfully.

Edit an Asset Sub-Type

Once the asset sub-type is added, you can make changes to it any time. You can add or remove additional options.
1. To edit an asset sub-type, click the () button in the row of that category.

The asset sub-type will be displayed in the edit mode.

2. Make the necessary changes to the asset sub-type.
3. Click Save.
The message confirming the saving of changes made to the asset sub-type will be displayed.

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