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In order for the device to work, they must be added to it.
To add a new device and manage activities of that device, follow the steps given below.
1. Navigate to Raspberry Pi Devices.

The Raspberry Pi Devices page will be displayed.

2. Click the Add Raspberry Pi button in the top right corner of the page.
The Add Raspberry Pi Device dialog will be displayed.

3. Enter the name for a device in the Device Name text entry box.
4. Enter the MAC address for the device in the MAC Address text entry box.
5. Select the assigned job for the device from the Assigned Job dropdown list.
6. Select the scan interval time for the device from the Scan interval by clicking up and down buttons.
Note: Scan interval time should be at least 60 minutes according subscription.
7. Select the measurements for a device from the Measurements dropdown list, available option are Minutes and Hour/s.
8. Click Continue.
The message box informing about the saving of your device will be displayed.

9. Click OK.

Your device will be added successfully.

Edit a Device

Once the device is added, you can make changes to it any time. You can add or remove additional options.

1. To edit a device, click on the ( ) button in the row of that device.

The category will be displayed in the edit mode.

2. Make the necessary changes to the
3. Click Continue.
The message confirming the saving of changes made to the device will be displayed.

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