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In order for the users to work in the system, they must be added to it.
To add a new user and manage the activities of that user, follow the steps given below.
1. Navigate to User Management.

The User Management page will be displayed.

2. Click the Add New User
The Invite New User dialog will be displayed.

3. Provide the general information of the user.
Note: The symbol * in the field denotes that the entry to the field is mandatory. In this case, the mandatory fields are First Name, Last Name, Company and Role.

4. Enter the first name of the user in the First Name text entry box.
5. Enter the last name of the user in the Last Name text entry box.
6. Enter the email address of the user if the user will be generating email touch points or bulk processes, in the Email
7. Enter the employee id of the user in the Employee ID text entry box.
8. Enter the job title of the user in the Job Title text entry box.
9. Select the company of the user from the Company dropdown list.
10. Select the department of the user from the Department dropdown list.
11. In the Roles section, set the roles for the user by selecting the associated roles based on the user’s job function. You can assign multiple roles to the user.
Scroll down for more options.

Note: Based on the user category which you have selected additional fields will be displayed.
12. Click Submit.
The new user will be added.

Edit a User

Once the user is added, you can make changes to it any time. You can add or remove additional options.

1. To edit a user, click the () button in the row of that user.

The user page will be displayed in the edit mode.

2. Make the necessary changes to the user.
3. Click Save.
The message confirming the saving of changes made to the user will be displayed.

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