How to Attach Files to an Asset?

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You can add additional information to an asset by attaching all the related files to it.
To attach a file to an asset, follow the steps given below.
1. Navigate to Assets Management.

The Assets Management page will be displayed.

2. Click () icon in the row of the asset, which you want to edit.
The edit asset page will be displayed.

3. Click () button in the top left corner of the page.
The additional fields will be displayed.

4. Click Upload/Edit Photos.
The Upload Photos page will be displayed.

5. Click Upload Photo from PC to select an image file from the computer.
6. Click Continue.
The selected image will be uploaded successfully.

Move to the Upload Invoices tab.

7. Click Upload/Edit Invoices.
The Upload Invoices page will be displayed.

8. Click Upload Invoices from PC to select an invoice file from the computer.
9. Click Continue.
The invoice file will be uploaded successfully.
Move to the Other Files tab.

10. Click Upload/Edit Files.
The Upload Files page will be displayed.

11. Click Upload Files from PC to select other files from the computer.
12. Click Continue.
The other files will be uploaded successfully.

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