How to Configure Preferences?

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Preferences module is the section where you can pre-set static values to your assets like Asset ID Prefix (like a signature), Timezone for the assets, the Date Format for your asset management system, Currency Type that the assets are to be dealt with, the Country that those assets are going to be handled in, and the Time Format.
These preferences set the base for all the asset transaction until you choose to modify them for different assets, later.
To configure system preferences, follow the steps given below.
1. Navigate to Setup > Configure Preferences.

The Configure Preferences page will be displayed.

Note: The symbol * in the field denotes that the entry to the field is mandatory.
2. Select the time zone to be used in the system, from the TimeZone dropdown list.
3. Select the country to be referred to, in the system from the Country dropdown list.
4. Set the date format to be used throughout the system, from the Date Format dropdown list.
5. Select the time format to be used in the system, from the Time Format dropdown list.
6. Select the currency to be used in the system, from the Currency dropdown list.
7. Click Save.
Your preferences will be saved.

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