Introduction to Analytics and Reporting

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Our analytics give you the statistics or analysis of tickets and performance data in Bornevia. Here you can keep track of numbers varying from the amount of tickets you received and closed, response and resolution time for each of your team member, when the busiest day of the week is, as well as your customer satisfaction score in regards to your service. Further you can also filter all these by time, channels, and categories.

Analytics are useful for managers to monitor team’s performance and productivity. For example, if the data suggests team productivity is at its low point, managers might need to think that it is maybe time to hire another employee or add another one to the team inbox.

From analytics, you can also see what the most popular tickets are (by looking at hashtags), as well as the percentage of tickets in each folder.

Satisfaction rating is also available for you to determine whether your team has so far performed in delivering great customer service.

Reports are available in either .csv or .pdf file.

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