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Forwarding email channel in settings

Forwarding an email client makes sure you receive all incoming messages to the team inbox. Without forwarding, you won’t be able to receive support tickets and therefore won’t be able to track team’s productivity and performance. Users are recommended to forward email client when they sign up (it’s a part of the getting started process) so they can use the team inbox as soon as possible. To copy forwarding address:
1. Click on the SETTING button.

2. Select Channels on the left side of the page. You will be direct to this page:

3. Click on the settings icon.

4. Click on Edit.

5. This popup will be shown:

6. Click on Copy to Clipboard to copy the forwarding address:

The next step is go to your email (we’re using Gmail for this example):

i) Individual Email

1.Clicked on settings icon and select SETTINGS.


3. Click the Add a forwarding address tab and this popup will shown:

4. Paste the forwarded address you copied and click NEXT button.
5. Another popup confirmation the forwarding address will shown, please click PROCEED button:

6. Click OK.

7. You’ll receive a notification code on the team inbox:

8. Copy the code and insert it to the gmail verification code box and click VERIFY:

9. After the code is verify, this page will shown and please make sure the Enable the forwarding function and click SAVE CHANGES:

10. You should now be able to start receiving emails from your team inbox.

ii) Group Email

1. Open your group email through Google Suite.
2. Click on Admin Console.

3. This page will be shown and click on Groups:

4. You will be direct to this page:

5. Click the group of email that you use and this page will be shown:

6. Click on Access Setting and you will be direct to new tab of Google Group.
7. Expand the Members menu on the left side of the page.
8. Click on Direct Add Members:

9. This page will be shown:

10. Paste the forwarding address here:

11. Write any message here:

This message will be send to Service Desk as a ticket.

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