Setting up User Management

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i) Users

1. Click on the SETTING button.

2. Select User Management on the left side of the page. You will be direct to this page:

3. If you want to edit or delete the existing user, click on the settings icon.

4. Click on Edit to edit the user, or Delete to delete the user.

5. You can only edit Role and Group of the user only.

6. Click Save to save the changes.
7. Click on Add user from platform link to add new user.

8. You can only add user from ITAM platform.

ii) Roles

Roles allow you to create and edit access permission for users. You can create new roles based on what permission that you want to give.
1. Under Roles tab, you will see the user access under Scope submenu. Scroll more downward to see the permission to set for each user.

Permission for each user, you may set the permission according to your preferences.

2. Click on Add New Role link to add new role.

3. Enter a Role Title and Description for new role and click Save.

4. You can set the Scope and Permission for the new role according to your preferences.
5. Click Save once you done.

iii) Groups

1. Under Groups tab:

2. Click Create New Group to add new group.
3. Enter a Name, Group’s type, Business Hour and Description for new group.

4. Click Create once you done.
5. If you want to Edit or Delete the existing group, click on the  settings icon under Action column.

6. Click on Edit to edit the group, or Delete to delete the group.

7. Click on Save button to save the changes or Cancel to cancel the changes.

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