Working with Canned Responses

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Canned response is a snippet of texts that can be used as an answer template when replying to customer. The purpose of having canned responses is to save time in responding to similar questions coming from customers.

Creating a canned response:

1. Navigate to settings by clicking on SETTINGS button

2.Select Canned Response on the left side of the page, hit Add Canned Response

3. Now you’re ready to create your first canned response.

To further enhance personal touch when replying to customers, you can use a template that will render customer’s name, first, last name, and email when you reply within the editor.
4. Hit SAVE
Once created, all users in the team where you create the canned response will have access to it. You can edit, remove, or move canned responses to different team at anytime.

Inserting canned responses

Once you’ve created a set of canned responses. It’s time to utilize them to reply faster to support tickets. You can find the canned response icon on the reply section toolbar.

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