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Smart rules can help you automate daily tasks for your customer support operations such as tagging, assigning, and more. In a way, it’s similar to gmail or outlook filter rules.
Smart rules will help decrease many redundancies in the company and hence save time and increase productivity.
Here are some examples of what smart rules can help automate for you:
1. Deleting tickets unrelated to customer support.
2. Categorizing certain tickets with tags based on their subjects (email only), contents/body, sender.
3. Perform actions such as changing ticket statuses (closing) or assigning tickets automatically.

Creating your first smart rules

1. Navigate to settings by clicking on SETTINGS icon

2. Select smart rules on the left sidebar

3. When setting up smart rules and fitting it with your operational workflow, you can create one from scratch or use one of our templates which contain general cases on which you might need smart rules.
4. Smart rules work by executing actions defined by conditions.

When you select AND when adding a condition, it means all of your conditions need to be true in order to execute the actions. Selecting OR means only one of your conditions need to be true. The same thing with actions, AND in between actions means all of your actions will be executed when conditions happen.

Create Smart Rules from scratch

Create Smart Rules from using the provided templates
i. Spam Killer

ii. Auto-assign

iii. Categorization

iv. Auto-close

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