_____ will shortly be launching a game-changing product for SMEs.

We all know the risks of being connected to the internet, but most companies do not have the time or the skill sets to make sure their computers are always safe.

With’s new Cybersecurity and Computer monitoring solution that has now changed for any SME.

From just USD$5 per computer, you can now have 24/7/365 monitoring of your computers and a simple yet powerful dashboard to have a complete overview of all your computers.

Any computer that is at risk is immediately alerted to you via Push notifications and email.




All with either email alerts or real-time push notifications


Computer Monitoring

Windows updates

Anti virus software

Anti virus program

Anti virus definitions

Anti virus scan

Complete Software

Software alert

Web browser

Web browser alert

Storage space low

Computer tracking (GPS)

updated or list of available

active or not

updated or not

updated or not

last scan date

list and version

new or uninstalled software

list of add-ons

new or uninstalled software


updates (Win 10 & Mac exact GPS only)

Computer details including make, model, cpu, serial number, memory captured.